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So, @Apophis , is this instance an experimental flight of fancy, or do you plan to grow this thing into something much larger and long-term in scope?

Asking because I am considering whether I should migrate my main Mastodon account over to this instance, or just continue to run parallel accounts on both.

Also, do you want me to start promoting this instance across social media to help bring in some sign-ups?

Well, pushed back fossil-hunting for another day. I read in a fossil forum that I participate in, that a "rival" fossil hunter was going to be hunting the same stretch of river I wanted to search today. Being the anti-social type that I am, I decided to wait until tomorrow so I can have that stretch to myself.

The guy regularly violates various rules of the unwritten fossil-hunters' code. I'd rather not hunt with him, and I'd rather him not know exactly what spots I hunt.

So, tomorrow it is.

Mastodon just reached a total of four million users (all instances combined).

Introductory post :

Well hello consumer, yes hello consumer, bop bop bop bop be da bup bebop cola!

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