This is a part of the old building substance of the so called "Seebad Prora", "KdF", "The bath of the 20 000", " the colossus ", a seaside resort planned by the Nazis in the laten 1930ies. Here u can see a part of the beach of the Baltic Sea, island "Rügen"...The whole building structure/ area has the size of a small, its sold! Privatization, 4 mass tourism! In my opinion, this is scandalous and unsustainable!

Hello 2 everybody. I am excited to meet u all over here. I want 2 share ideas about our built environment. How do you see our world? What do u experience ? what's your wishes for our built environment? Talk 2 u later on! Peace and hugs!

[ Hilbert's hotel ]
"Suppose that your hotel has infinitely many rooms, numbered 1, 2, 3, etc. All rooms are occupied, when a new guest arrives and asks to be put up. What do you do?"

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