@Apophis - Assuming one had very dark local skies, what size light-bucket would one need to capture this thing in a backyard observatory?

@galacticstone It's already at around magnitude 21. Probably not going to be seeing it with a scope.

@Apophis - Aaah, OK. Yeah, nobody is seeing that with a Johnny Amateur scope.

@Apophis - I used to have a 25x100 binocular and I caught quite a few comets with it back in the day. It punched above it's weight under dark skies. Now, I only have a 15x70mm binocular, so that's rather limited. I also have a 60mm Vixen f/5 achromat, but it has even less light-gathering than the 70mm binocular. The last good showy comet I caught was Holmes back in around 2007 or 2008, whenever that was.

@galacticstone that comet is why I'm in the career Im in now. Amazing comet.

@Apophis - I had only been into visual astronomy for 2 or 3 years before Holmes came along. At the time, I had the 25x100 binocular, plus a long-focus 80mm Vixen achromat that I used for planetary viewing. Up until then, I had bagged a handful of comets, but they were faint fuzzies that weren't much to look at (with the exception of Hale Bopp). Holmes was different and it put on a show. I was transfixed for weeks. Every comet since then has been a disappointment, visually speaking.

@galacticstone its faded quite a bit now though as we've passed it and it's on the way out

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