Just want to welcome all the new members to realscience.social. We hope to grow this pro-science community. I'll be posting more content here soon.

When last we left our stellar evolution story we were in the red giant phase. What happens next depends on the star's initial mass.

For stars less than 8 times the mass of the Sun, the next phase is to blow off their outer layers and form a planetary nebula.

Hi! New to Mastodon. Transitioning to my school psych gig this August. In the meantime, I've been painting a lot to cope with isolation. This was my latest work for a colleague/friend who was devastated when she had to put her cat down due to chronic illness.

Kids can develop severe complications from COVID-19 in rare cases Respiratory failure has occurred in some infected children and an emerging inflammatory disease may be connected to the coronavirus. sciencenews.org/article/corona #science #news #Health&Medicine

Really nice clip with the Shoemakers and David Levy at Palomar. They found the famous comet Shoemaker-Levy 9 that smashed into Jupiter with the 18" Schmidt that also appears in the clip.

This is my home now. Goodbye Facebook. Go where Myspace went, and never come back.

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